Weddings can be amazing events, but they may sometimes feel more stressful or exhausting than anything else. You may be so overwhelmed that you might think about foregoing your engagement and wedding photos altogether. Don’t.

Both engagement and wedding photos have a great deal of value and you shouldn’t skip out on either. 

Engagement Photos: Do You Really Need Them? 

Your engagement is a milestone

You might be thinking that an engagement photo shoot is just an extra expense you don’t really need to be taking right now with all the wedding planning coming up. But really, if you’ll ask some couples, they’ll tell you how glad they were for taking that opportunity. Here are some reasons that will convince you to have that engagement shoot. 

  • Engagement is a big milestone

Getting engaged is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you may wish to share with your family later. This celebration, however, is frequently eclipsed by your wedding day. So, what better way to remember it than to have your photographer record those genuine moments as you prepare to get married? Regardless of how many selfies you’ve taken, being newly engaged entails a unique type of couple photography.

  • You’ll be more comfortable around the camera

Being in front of the camera may be scary for you and your spouse unless you’re both professional models. When you have your couple photos taken, you will spend that time in front of the camera, which will allow you to warm up to the idea of being photographed. Consider it a warm-up shoot that will help you become more comfortable in front of the camera on your wedding day.

  • Discovering your angles and poses

By having a couple photography session prior to the wedding, you have a better idea of how to pose in front of the camera. Your photographer will teach you certain techniques and poses during your engagement shoot so you may explore more of your natural stances and positions. That way, you won’t feel too self-conscious on the day of the wedding itself.

  • You can use these photos during the wedding

You’ll have stunning images to use as save-the-date invitation cards or as décor in your wedding party venue. You can even include it in your presentation during the reception.

The Importance of Wedding Photos

Capturing moments you may have missed

Some couples put wedding photography and videography services last on their priority list since they’ve already spent the majority of their wedding budget on other aspects of the wedding. However, once the day is done and your wedding attire has been put away, photographs are the only way to recall that magical day. The following are some of the reasons why wedding photographs are so important.

  • Catching missed moments

The purpose of a wedding photographer is to capture every moment of your big day, including the ones you might miss while greeting guests or when you were getting ready.  You’ll definitely want to cherish all of the short moments in between because you’ll most likely be too busy to even notice them.

  • Your story’s keepsake

Wedding photos will allow you to recall every detail of that memorable day. Because of the joy on that special day, everything may become a haze afterwards. You will never forget your wedding day if you have wedding videos and photos you can go through at any time.

  • Emotional journey

Photographers have that magic that can capture the most wonderful and special moments of your journey that you might have missed. From that emotional first look to that first kiss as husband and wife, your photographer will definitely be capturing that. 

Engagement Wedding Photo Ideas To Totally Nail It

Capture this milestone with stunning photographs

It’s crucial to commemorate your engagement now that you’ve gotten engaged. However, deciding where to begin might be challenging. There are so many amazing engagement photoshoot ideas out there that it’ll make your head spin. Thankfully, we’ve compiled this list to assist you with your must-have engagement photos.

  • Location

Let’s admit it. It’s the location that makes your engagement photos or practically any photo look great. From your first date to your favourite hangout place, select locations that play a huge role in your story.

  • Poses

Using props like books, coffee mugs, or cell phones, or practically anything that you both enjoy, will help you feel more at ease in front of the camera.

  • Colours

Your photographer will most likely use black and white for a timeless aesthetic. If you’re looking for something a little more daring, try some vibrant colours. Make sure to discuss your colour preferences with your photographer beforehand so he can also make some great suggestions.

  • Celestial Sky

You can never go wrong with the night sky as your background. For a newly engaged couple, this may be one of the most romantic scenes.

Wedding Photo Ideas for Stunning Visuals

Highlighting the important details in your wedding

When it comes to wedding photography, it’s all about capturing every last detail. Everything matters, from your first impressions to your visitors to your wedding rings! One of the best photo ideas for your wedding is to have your wedding photographer capture a shot of your wedding bands before or after the ceremony.

Consider some of the suggestions below for some must-have wedding day photo ideas featuring your wedding rings.

  • Making it simple and natural

Couples are increasingly choosing natural-themed weddings. First, because it’s ageless, and second, because it helps you create a wonderful shot. There’s lots of room for creativity with nature’s vast offerings, such as utilizing pinecones as wedding rings for a rustic or woodsy wedding or having palm trees in the background for a tropical wedding.

  • Build a collage of memories

You may want your visitors to be a part of your couple’s journey. Putting your wedding rings front and center in a collage of your keepsakes, such as concert tickets, photographs, and festival badges, brings your voyage full circle and gives your guests an insight into your experience.

  • Feature your vows

On your wedding day, your wedding vows are undoubtedly the most important. What better way to emphasize its significance than by stacking your rings on top of it? This setting will stand out from the rest of your must-have wedding photographs list with simple black notebooks or notepads with beautiful calligraphy highlighting your names.

Why Hire Professionals

  • Professionals have the expertise and a trained eye

Professional photographers are able to observe and grasp things that even the most enthusiastic amateur photographers are unable to. They know what colours, poses, and aspects work best in a photograph.

  • Professionals have the right equipment

Even the most expensive and up-to-date cellphones can’t match the quality of images taken with professional photographer equipment. You can rest assured that the equipment used to capture your wedding moments is of the highest quality by employing experienced photographers.

  • Avoiding shaky or blurry images

You’ll wind up with poor wedding images if you don’t hire a professional photographer. Because your relatives and friends aren’t familiar with photography, there’s only a slight chance that they’ll get some very beautiful wedding shots. Plus, they’ll be there to enjoy themselves, so snapping photos won’t be high on their priority list.

Wedding and engagement images add richness to a celebration. It is up to the couple to determine how they want their images to be displayed so there’s always that touch of personality. The photographer can always assist you in making the necessary preparations so don’t worry if you’re quite unsure of what to do in front of the camera. 

If you need professional wedding videography and photography in Hamilton, call Twenty5Films at 905-741-3697. We provide high-quality services so that you can preserve the memories of your big day.

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