A wedding is one of the most anticipated events in a person’s life. It takes weeks, even months, of preparations just to get to this point and celebrate a relationship bound for a lifetime. It is also the perfect opportunity for you and your partner to express your vision and your styles. The wedding theme you’ll both end up choosing will set the tone for your big day and guide every decision during planning. Do you want a rustic, romantic, or elegant wedding theme? For this same reason, it may seem like a daunting task — but it doesn’t have to be.

Navigate through these many wedding variations and styles and see which elements speak to you and on a deeper level.  

Wedding Themes Do’s and Don’ts 

Decide on a theme and stick with it

First things first, here are a few reminders to help you keep your decision-making and planning smooth and worry-free:

  • DO Select a Theme That Fits The Venue
    If you already settled on a venue, look around. Often, the venue lends an inspiration for your theme of choice, if not the foundation of it. A barn or vineyard is great for a vintage or rustic wedding, while a manor is well-suited for classic and elegant ones.
  • DO Consult Your Partner
    The theme is a reflection of who you are as a couple, so picking one is a job for both of you. Consider each other’s interests and always try to find a compromise.
  • DO Look at The Wedding as a Whole
    Your theme will serve as your guide throughout the preparation and on your wedding day. Always try to focus on the bigger picture to make sure that everything flows smoothly. Don’t focus on only one aspect or you’ll miss the other details.
  • DON’T Overdo It
    It’s exciting just thinking about the things you want to accomplish, but don’t go overboard just yet. Keep the base of things simple and neutral, like your chairs and tables. Add the themed details later on.
  • DON’T Forget to Stick to Your Theme
    Especially if you have a long preparation till your wedding day, it’s easy to pick up on items that may not fit the theme. Stick to what you have planned and remember not to overdo it. Less is still more.

10 Wedding Theme Ideas for Any Styles

To help ease the stress, here’s a compilation of wedding theme ideas and some tips to jumpstart your wedding plans:

  1. Classic/ Traditional

    The traditional wedding theme is timeless
    Despite innovations in wedding planning, no one can deny the beauty of a classic wedding. It is nearly impossible to go wrong with this theme — from the elegant wedding motifs to a traditional white wedding. It is simply timeless.

    Vision: Classic weddings are more on the formal side. You and your guests should be dressed up to the nines. Reception includes a sit-down dinner, complete table settings, posh seating, intricate flower arrangements, and cake designs, and an ornate head table, just to name a few.

    Venue: Grand ballroom, classic estate


  2. Alternative
    Avant-Garde, counterculture, and offbeat are some of the buzzwords when it comes to alternative wedding themes. It works for couples who intentionally want to go outside what’s considered “normal”. It is an opportunity to push the boundaries as much as you want. Inspirations can come from SteamPunk, Marvel comics, books, or Anime.Vision: This theme encourages you to be bold. The wedding outfits and decorations can be a nod to the couple’s interests –Cosplay, Rock Glam, or Goth. Colour palettes can also be outrageous and rarely white. The cake can take any form too.

    Venue: Movie theatre, theme park


  3. Vintage

    Complete the theme by driving away in a vintage car

    Certain time periods feel romantic, fun, or exotic, and these vibes can inspire your wedding. The versatility of a vintage-themed wedding is significant, it is often difficult to decide on the decade.

    Pro tip: choose a past decade — or even era — that interests you. Are you fascinated by Greek mythology? A theme based on Ancient Greece would be a splendid choice. Do you enjoy the vibe of the Swinging 60s? Reimagine your wedding with retro pops of colour, bold patterns, and vinyl discs as centrepieces.

    Vision: Draw inspiration from the years past and channel the look and fashion from that decade. For the ceremony and reception, antique-looking décor, weathered doors, and wooden seats often project “vintage.” You can even rent an old Porsche or Volkswagen as your getaway car.

    Venue: Historic chapel, old courthouse, heritage sites


  4. Art Deco
    Art Deco Weddings may be considered vintage (inspired by the 1920s), but it has the glitz and the glamour to be considered a theme on its own. Think Great Gatsby level of lavishness, with robust fonts, geometric lines, and energetic jazz music. It is flashy, spunky, and opulent.Vision: Art Deco is often synonymous with the Roaring 20s. Women wear flapper-silhouette dresses with high necklines and drop waists, finished with a feather boa or an ostrich feather headpiece. Men can wear black suits with hats. Opt for a gold and black palette and hire a large swing style band to evoke the era better.

    Venue: Art deco buildings


  5. GlamorousFireworks display on your wedding day wows the crowd
    Your wedding day is a great excuse to go all out and gain all the attention. It is often described as jaw-dropping and over the top, with goals to impress guests and be the star of the occasion.

    Vision: Glamorous wedding is a go-big-or-go-home type of event. It is probably what you end up seeing all over Instagram — haute couture gowns, extravagant decorations, multi-tiered cake, and lavish after-parties. Added tip: prepare something unexpected to wow the crowd, such as arriving on a carriage, a live performance, or a fireworks show.

    Venue: Luxury villa, private island, exclusive clubs


  6. Modern
    Modern times call for modern themes. A contemporary wedding is all about clean lines, minimalism, and simplicity. This theme is popular among the youth, urbanites, and design lovers, which favours more playful touches than formal ones.Vision: This theme is reflected in the details. Expect playful geometric shapes, sleek furniture, an edgy backdrop, and a bold colour scheme. Couples may also create their monogram, logo, or trending hashtag.

    Venue: Rooftop, converted warehouses, bars


  7. Rustic 

    Farms and barns are perfect rustic wedding venues
    The rustic, or country, theme is one of the most popular themes today. Planning for this particular style is easy. Natural textures, organic materials, and fresh food are staples of this theme. If you are a fan of DIY, a rustic wedding will be your cup of tea.

    Vision: Rustic wedding is homey and intimate. The venue is often adorned with string lights, mason jars, twine, lace, wood, and stone. Earthy colours, such as cream, gold, and brown, are the usual palette. Pick-up trucks make a great getaway car.

    Venue: Barn, vineyard


  8. Bohemian
    Bohemian or Boho weddings are quite laid-back. The décor and venue are modest but beautiful. Free-spirited people who enjoy a natural and carefree environment gravitate towards this theme.Vision: Flower tiaras, flowy gowns, and barefoot processions are staples of this theme. Decorations have vibrant colours and Eastern-influenced. The reception area is cozy, complete with tepees, hanging macramé, rugs, and poufs. The cake is simple and covered in fresh blooms.

    Venue: Botanical gardens, lake camps


  9. Eco-Friendly/ Natural 

    Recycled papers are staples of eco-friendly weddings
    This theme is popular with those who want to be mindful of the environment at their wedding. It is focused on all things natural and organic.

    Vision: The decorations and furniture for this theme are as raw and sustainable as they come. Invitations are printed on recycled paper. Plants, instead of flowers, are used as table décor. If the weather permits, the event is held outdoors to reduce energy use.

    Venue: Open-air courtyard


  10. Winter/Holiday
    Winter can be a dreary season, but it shouldn’t dampen your wedding. Infuse your big day with holiday motifs. From holiday ornaments to warm winter cocktails, your options for a winter wedding are endless. Take advantage of the snow-capped surroundings to use a bolder colour palette, such as black and bronze. The richness of these hues will surely make you stand out against an all-white background. 

    Vision: Surround your venue with blue, green, and purple lights to mimic the Aurora Borealis. Turn up the fireplace to keep your guests warm and cozy while at dinner. As for your attire, bundle up with a winter cardigan, fur stoles, or anything long sleeves. 

    Venue: Ski resort, winter lodge

Now that you’ve looked at this elegant wedding theme guide, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and begin preparations. Whether you choose to do this yourself or hire professionals, make sure you can relive the moment over and over again through photos and videos. 

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