Narrowing down on a wedding theme can be extremely difficult, especially with so much inspiration available. Many factors and preferences may affect the ultimate decision. Often, it is the personality of the couple that dictates how the wedding would look like. A couple who loves the conventional would prefer an elegant, all-white wedding. The younger generation often opts for something a little bit more urban. And there’s a wedding theme that mixes the warmth of the traditional and the welcoming of the modern. 

If the idea of a relaxed wedding in the countryside makes you happy, then a rustic wedding might be the right choice for you.

What Is a Rustic Wedding?

Though the concept of a rustic wedding has gained popularity in recent years, the truth is that it is a classic wedding theme that has been around for years. Rustic weddings have a strong country and environmental appeal, and they typically highlight natural textures like bark, as well as diverse organic materials and fibres.

Rustic weddings are laidback affairs conducted in places like barns, farms, mountain resorts, and ranches. In fact, a rustic motif works well everywhere that involves the great outdoors or the countryside. However, a rustic vibe isn’t always what’s on the outside. You can still hold your wedding inside a hotel ballroom, for example, while using wildflowers and rustic décor to evoke the atmosphere.

It is more of a mindset than an actual aesthetic. There are no set rules for how a rustic wedding should look. The beauty of this concept is in how couples can incorporate their individual personalities and tastes to create their own rustic wedding. 

Things to Consider:

There are no set rules when it comes to planning the perfect rustic wedding, but here’s a quick checklist to help you get started. These simple actions will create a rustic vibe to your wedding day, whether you prefer it chic or simple.

  • Attire and Dress CodeThe attire should be simple and casualRustic weddings are more laid-back and casual gatherings, and your outfit should reflect that.When it comes to wedding attire, instead of an over-the-top ball gown, strive for something more basic and discreet. Consider a boho dress, for instance. The train should be short, and the veil should be modest. They’re just as lovely, but they’re more practical and appropriate for a rustic wedding. Finally, instead of a veil, wear a flower crown.

    As for the groom and groomsmen, ditch the usual black, grey, and navy for a tweed suit or anything in a brighter coloured fabric. With a rustic buttonhole and brown leather shoes, you can complete the appearance.

    The advantage of rustic weddings is that you can dress more casually and not feel out of place. Instead of heels, wear cowboy boots or flats, and jackets in exchange for blazers. Isn’t that wonderful?

  • Decoration
    Rustic wedding decorations are another interesting part of the wedding plans. The beauty of a rustic wedding is that you may be as varied as you like with the decor. To make a stunning rustic decor, go for something natural, such as using seasonal fruits and wildflowers, wood, burlap, twine, and moss. Mason jars, lace, hay bales, and gingham textiles are also items you can incorporate.A rustic wedding is ideal for incorporating DIY touches. So, if you’re good at crafts, start cutting, stitching, and gluing to create your own DIY rustic wedding décor. Here are other lovely elements you can incorporate to truly bring your venue to life!
    • Colours
      The colour palette of rustic weddings is known for being neutral and understated. For a natural atmosphere, stick to classic colours like white or ivory and integrate earthy colours like beige or green. Accent with gold, silver, or bronze touches here and there to add a touch of glitz.
    • Lights
      You can’t go wrong with fairy lights if you want to add some delicate, romantic illumination to your rustic wedding. They’re a terrific way to add some real beauty to your wedding day, whether they’re hung as a backdrop or from the ceiling. Another fantastic lighting choice is candles, which lend a comfortable and romantic atmosphere to your day.Vintage lights and lanterns can also be utilized to brighten up your outdoor country wedding. If you don’t have enough of the same sort of lamp, don’t panic. Mismatched lamps have their own rustic beauty.
    • FurnitureStick with would and earthy elements for the furnitureTo liven up your rustic wedding, opt for cafeteria-style benches or cross-back chairs rather than the traditional Chiavari or phantom chairs. Get some vintage wooden tables and chairs and forget about chair coverings, table cloths, sashes, and bows. You won’t have to worry about chair coverings or tablecloths to complete your wedding décor. The rustic wedding design goes so much better with the natural beauty of excellent hardwood seats. Instead of the typical round table, you may use trestle tables with burlap or lace runners. If your wedding venue has beautiful wooden furniture, don’t cover them up. This may appear to be a minor element, but it will give the entire setup a new feel.
    • Place Names and Guest Books
      Place names are adorable rustic wedding centrepieces. They are also a nice small memento for your wedding guests to take home for next to nothing. To be consistent with the theme, use logs to hold the place names. Other intriguing objects, such as wine corks or stones, can also be used as escort cards.Don’t forget to include a guest book in your wedding planning. It is one of the interactive components that will make your guests feel appreciated. Think of something unique that has never been done before at a wedding. Your guests will undoubtedly admire your ingenuity.
    • Display
      The first thing your guests will see when they arrive at your wedding is a welcome sign, so make sure it sets the tone for the rest of the day. By repurposing items around you, you can create unique displays. One innovative technique is to repurpose an old screen door or pallet.
  • Food
    If you’re having a rustic wedding, you’ll want food that goes with the theme! It should feel relaxed, laid-back, and enjoyable. So, skip the traditional three-course meal and consider serving some good old home-style cooking instead. Look for caterers who are willing to rise to the challenge and prepare delicious, uncomplicated, traditional meals that complement your rustic atmosphere.If you’re undecided what meals to serve, think about your comfort foods such as mac & cheese, roast chicken, and pasta salads with a variety of freshly baked bread on the side. For dessert, why not serve your visitors a selection of home-baked cakes, so they can have a slice or two? Finally, provide lemonade, moonshine, and strawberry wine as drinks.
  • Invitations
    Invitations are meant to formally introduce your wedding to your guests, and it’s essential to keep your wedding invites and theme constant, as always. A rustic wedding necessitates a rustic invitation, which can be made in a variety of ways.Keep your colour scheme neutral, just like your decorations. Incorporate earthy textures like wood or burlap into your wedding invitations to make them look even more natural. Include natural aspects in your designs, such as illustrations of flora and fauna. Use feathers and rope if you want to go for the real deal. Finally, keep the design of your rustic wedding invitations simple. A simple and clean design will always work and will contribute to the rustic vibe you’re attempting to create.
  • VenueA barn is an ideal location for rustic weddingsChoosing a suitable venue is the simplest way to get your rustic wedding off to a great start. There are several rustic wedding venues in Toronto alone. Though a creative wedding stylist can give practically any location a convincing makeover, a barn, loft, or garden venue will evoke nature and the outdoors with greater authenticity than one that has been made to resemble rustic.
    • Barn or Winery
      If you prefer a more rough form of rustic, consider a barn-themed wedding. Getting married in a barn, lodge, or winery, which are more unique and not easily accessible in urban areas, is ideal for creating a warm, rustic environment that will allow your visitors to relax and unwind.
    • Conservatory
      If you going rural is challenging, marry in a conservatory. Existing plants will act as natural decorations, and you won’t have to worry about lighting in your photographs. Make sure you have adequate space, as some conservatories aren’t large enough to accommodate a large group.
    • Garden
      Consider a garden wedding as a more accessible option. Hotels, public parks, and even your own house have gardens. Garden weddings are becoming increasingly popular these days, and they are one of the best ways to make your wedding appear absolutely stunning.
    • Tipi
      If a barn wedding isn’t your style, deviate from the norm and go for something a little less traditional. Tipis and yurts are fantastic blank canvases for you to use your imagination and create your own rustic wedding fantasy. Usually, tipis are ideal for festivals, but they may be used for rural weddings too!
    • Woods
      To have a rustic wedding with modern sensibilities, you can use camping areas, plantations, or recreational woods. Inform your guests ahead of time so that they may dress appropriately. More importantly, get your permits in order as soon as possible, as some of these locations may not be open to the public.
  • Wedding FlowersThe right flowers make a wedding even more lovelyGetting the flowers right can further elevate the theme. Some flowers are particularly well-suited to rustic weddings. Baby’s breath, cotton flowers, olive or eucalyptus leaves, and other flowers and greenery would look lovely in your rustic bridal bouquet.Loose bouquets are becoming increasingly popular. They give off a natural, rustic vibe because it isn’t fashioned into a precisely circular bouquet. To keep your bridal bouquet looking vibrant, include deep-coloured flowers. It would be much better if you could match the colour of your bouquet to the palette of your wedding. Be sure to check with your florist to decide on your rustic wedding flowers.
  • Wedding Cake
    Nude wedding cakes have become increasingly popular in recent years, but for this theme go for their more demure cousin, the semi-naked wedding cake. A semi-naked wedding cake is a naked cake that has been partially covered with buttercream to give it a more rustic look.You’ll want to stand your semi-naked wedding cake on a piece of log after you’ve gotten your hands on it. This can look lovely, especially if you add some foliage and rustic flowers to the outside. Decorate your rustic wedding cake using natural components. Succulents, vines, and fruits will make attractive accents to this sweet delicacy.
  • Wedding Favours
    As visitors depart, it is only fitting to present them with gifts as a memento of the occasion.Because rustic weddings emphasize all things natural and handmade, why not include this theme in your wedding favours as well? A common choice is jam jars packed with homemade jam, honey, or chocolates. To evoke a sense of home, why not give your guests something useful to take with them, such as wooden cutlery, tea towels, linen sprays, and tablecloths? The possibilities are endless.

Why Do You Need a Professional Photographer and Videographer?

The right flowers make a wedding even more lovely

Weddings are a special event. Coupled with a creative rustic theme, it is only fitting to have everything captured and turned into tangible keepsakes you can revisit time and time again. 

Professional photographers and videographers can document every little detail of the ceremony. Working with someone who has an extensive portfolio covering rustic weddings will only enhance an already beautiful day.

Twenty5Films has been capturing weddings and other life occasions for years. We have worked with several couples across various themes. Our goal is to provide high-quality and long-lasting mementos you can cherish forever.

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