Family photos mean a lot when they’re taken — they immortalize your children’s smiles, your spouse’s particular expression, and the love you have for each other. But they mean even more later when your children are grown and things have changed. 

A family photoshoot is a great way to document your family’s growth over the years and help you have something to look back on as life moves forward. After all, your daughter will never be 7 years old missing that front tooth again. 

What can you do to make family photos fun and creative? There are a lot of settings, poses, and other ideas that can make this an annual tradition no one wants to miss. Let’s dive in!

Showcase the Relationships

Everyone tends to take photos where everyone is lined up and smiling, but what about creating some action shots that show the real personality and relationships in your family? These family photography poses can add a lot of character to your memories.

For example, if your husband is goofy, have him do a silly pose or get a photo of him in a funny costume. If your boys like to wrestle, get an action shot of them pushing (gently!) on each other with intense faces. If your daughters are best friends, get a picture of one whispering a secret to the other.

These types of photos help you capture not only how your family looked at a specific time, but how they interacted with each other. You’ll love having those memories, and your whole family will have much more fun at the photoshoot!

Play With Focus

Take advantage of the focus to bring out the best in your photos

New addition to the family? Why not take a few photos of your crew in the background while your new baby is in sharp focus in the foreground? 

You can also use focus to hone in on a photobomb, whether planned or unplanned. If you were doing a great couples shot and your kids were caught doing something hilarious in the background, blurring you a bit and honing in on the kids can give you a real “slice-of-life” feeling.

If you’re looking for high-quality family photography in Hamilton, find out if being a bit out of focus can give things a fresh feel!

Take It Outside

A photoshoot in a studio is common, but if the weather is nice, why not take it outside? This gives you an opportunity to showcase your family and the place you live, which can lead to beautiful results.

For example, you might find some local wildflowers and include them in your photo, or showcase the mountains that are in the background of your city. Whether you live among farms or in the forest, natural scenery can make for some incredible photos.

If you live in a concrete jungle, there’s beauty there as well. Why not do a photoshoot downtown among the skyscrapers, or in front of a cute bistro in your neighbourhood? Showcasing your family in the environment where they spend the most time will make memories that you will enjoy for a lifetime.

Include a Message

Write a heartfelt message

Some of the best family portrait photography includes a sign with a cute message about the occasion. For example, you might announce a new pregnancy, the graduation of one of your kids from high school, or just share a message about the joy your family feels every day.

Holding up a message makes it the focal point of the photo, so be sure to take advantage of family photography tips about how to style everyone around the sign. For example, a small child might hold the message while the rest of the family smiles around them. Or, everyone could be jumping in the air as one person holds the sign.

However you choose to get your message across, it will be a fun photo shoot that no one will forget!

Go Black and White

Black and white photos hearken to an earlier time, and can often be used to create a dramatic effect in photography. You might have everyone in your family put their hands together for a black and white photo symbolizing your unity, for example.

Black and white images give a stark, honest feeling to any family photo. The focus isn’t on your clothing or the scenery, but on your faces and relationships. For example, black and white is the perfect medium for the popular generational picture, with grandparents, parents, and children all standing side by side. 

These are the kinds of images that your children will cherish as much as you do. Don’t be afraid to ask about black and white images when you search for family photography near you.

Get Photos Doing Your Favorite Activities

Does your family love to go camping? Why not head to a campground for a family photoshoot that will showcase your love for the outdoors? Or, if you like biking, you can hit a trail with your bikes and get action shots of everyone having fun.

There are so many family activities that would make excellent photographs. Whether you enjoy putt-putt golf, bowling, canoeing, hiking, or even climbing, you can get incredible family photos that capture your crew enjoying what they love.

When you look back on these memories, you’ll not only remember that person at that moment, but all of the times you enjoyed that activity with them. 

Get Family Photos Today

Capturing your family memories may feel like something it’s hard to make time for, but the truth is that time is slipping away quickly. As they say, “The days are long, but the years are short.” Before you know it, your children are grown and your chance to capture those candid family moments has passed. 

Don’t regret missing out on family photoshoots. Savour the memories you capture every year and enjoy documenting your family’s history. Are you ready? Contact Twenty5 Films today to schedule a time for your family session. Let us know what creative ideas you have in mind and we can make them happen!

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