Nothing can be more precious than capturing family love and togetherness in photographs. Family portraits remain valuable and beloved even as time passes. While the fashion, hairstyles, or poses may become outdated, they continue to be precious keepsakes that you can be proud of and cherish for generations to come. 

Family photography is the perfect way to bond with the family while putting your creative juices on overdrive. There are many ways you can uniquely and creatively showcase your family in photos. These photos are what you’ll eventually hang on the wall or print on your next holiday card, so it pays to create one memorable image — or more! 

Here are 12 ideas to make beautiful family pictures:

  1. Create Intrigue and Mystery

    Mystery in newborn photos can build excitement
    Whether you’re a little shy in front of the camera or want to tell a story, adding a little bit of mystery into the photos can make it more interesting. You can achieve this by not smiling directly at the camera or not looking at it at all. You can also take candid shots as your family gathers around to converse with each other. The mysterious effect works best when dealing with newborn or maternity photos.

  2. Shoot During the Golden Hour
    One of the quintessential settings for photography is the golden hour. The golden, warm light just as the sun sets on the horizon makes photos look more magical. Taking advantage of this can create wonders for your family photos as well.
  3. Be in Motion
    Sometimes, the best family photos are those that seem natural. When you capture an image of your family while they are in their element, that’s when you know you’ve caught something priceless. While candid photos may involve a whole lot of planning, the experience can be much more carefree and enjoyable.

    Take a photo while your kids play in your garden or while they’re helping you in the kitchen. If your family is into sports, engaging in your favourite sports activity or going on an adventure can truly tell a unique and insightful story about your family.

  4. Relax at Home
    What better way to take fun family photos than to be in the cozy confines of your own home? With just the right treatment, arrangement, and angles, your home is the best set up for a natural family photo. Take pictures while you lie on the bed with your partner and kids or while you are having dinner. Either way, being comfortable in your surroundings can generate an adorable and charming atmosphere. This makes for an outstanding indoor family shoot without relying so much on poses or props.

  5. Convey Emotion

    Taking photos of siblings bonding is too precious to miss

    Be quick with the camera when you find your kids playing, debating, hugging, or kissing. These moments are too precious to miss. After all, emotions and personalities are what make photos memorable, right? Taking photos that capture your family while they are in the moment tells interesting stories you can share with friends and other family members.

  6. Get Close and Personal
    When you get close to your subject, you can make a beautiful and intimate family photo. Whether the picture of Mommy or Daddy rocking the baby to sleep or a portrait of the kids together, getting a close-up shot emphasizes the intimacy, warmth, and security of being with the family. It is also a good way to build your children’s self-esteem by reminding them how importan they are to the family.

  7. Set in a Special Location
    Do you know any spots that mean so much to your family? Whether it’s your hometown or your family’s favourite vacation spot, these places have a lot of stories to tell and are a special part of the family history. Why not use these locations for your next family photo? Doing so will allow you to capture a sense of nostalgia and wistfulness for your family photos.

    Alternatively, you can also pick a location that’s entirely new or somewhere the whole family has been dreaming of visiting for the longest time, like a theme park. Creating new memories is just as important as reliving the older ones, and that makes for an awe-inspiring family picture.

  8. Include Your Fuzzy Friends

    Pets are important family members

    Why should pets miss out on the fun? Your pets are every bit a member of your family as everyone else. They bring life to your home, so they would surely bring life and light to your family photos as well. The best thing is that pets don’t seem to take any bad pictures. Take advantage of their lovable and photogenic nature!

  9. Use Bold and Contrasting Colours
    f you’re struggling to come up with fun family photo ideas, here’s a simple trick you can try — make use of colours. The creative use of colours can make even the simplest of settings pop. Use colours that reflect the energy and vibe of your family. Choose a colour palette and use this guide when selecting outfits or props.

    You can also consider black and white photography. Monotone may be simple, but it can be powerful. Black and white images are timeless and elegant. However, because it emphasizes form rather than colour, you need to make sure it’s well-composed.

  10. Make Use of Special Occasions


    Holidays and special occasions, like Christmas and anniversaries, are always a great time to be around family. It’s also the perfect time to have your family portrait taken. If you build your theme around the occasion, you don’t need to do much since you’ll have the decoration at the ready. If you’re home during autumn, use the reds, yellows, and orange in your surroundings to take striking pictures. During the Christmas holidays, take pictures of the family gathering around the Christmas tree, eating Christmas dinner at the table, or playing around in the snow.

  11. Recreate TV Shows and Celebrities
    Do you follow a TV show, movie, or celebrity? Recreating a scene or dressing up as a character can be a fun and creative way to show off your family’s unique tastes and interests. You can recreate a movie poster, or if that seems too much, just look through fashion magazines and try to recreate the outfit, make-up down to the furniture set-up. Get the photos printed and hang them on your walls. It’s definitely enjoyable dressing up as a celebrity for one photoshoot.
  12. Remember the Past
    Recreating old photos is one of the best ways to show growth and to juxtapose the past with the present. Redoing past photos has become a trend — and it’s worth giving a shot! It’s fun, quirky, and nostalgic. It’s also something everyone can participate in. Just open your photo album and pick a photo that’s interesting or holds significance. 

Relive memories and create new ones

Family photography is always a great way to relive memories and create new ones all at the same time. Have fun, bond, and create souvenirs that the whole family can enjoy in the future. 

If you’re considering these ideas for your next photoshoot, take advantage of the trained eye of a professional photographer. For a trusted family photographer near Hamilton, ON, get in touch with Twenty5Films. Our team is dedicated to celebrating life and relationships through breath-taking photos. Give us a call now at (905) 741-3697!

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