Despite the prevalence of couple photography, some couples can still be shy in front of the camera. Sure, they feel comfortable around each other, but when the photographer steps in, they’ll suddenly seem awkward, botching the perfect moment. However, it’s possible to overcome this photoshoot barrier and feel more at ease in front of the camera.

Camera shyness is both a physical and mental state. Being in an uncomfortable environment that triggers anxiety can heavily affect the result of pictures. Even though some scenes are staged, it’s still imperative to capture emotional authenticity.

Here are a few tips to lessen the tension and make the project more enjoyable:

  1. Hire someone you know or choose a friendly crew

Hiring or asking someone close to you will make you more comfortable

Hiring a team for a couples photography begins with screening. Hire a crew that you trust and can easily connect with.

Coming to grips with your camera fear with a complete stranger may stress you out. So, if you have a close friend that’s a photographer or videographer, hire them instead. However, if you don’t know any, then you should take the time to get to know your crew first to decrease the anxiety and create a congenial environment.

  1. Try not to get stressed

Being surrounded by a camera crew with flashy equipment all pointed toward you can make anyone uncomfortable. However, you should just try to relax and have as much fun as possible.

The more you learn to accept the awkwardness and discomfort, the less you’ll be worried about it.

  1. Establish a good relationship with the photographer or videographer and their crew

A rapport between the artist and subject should be established during the shoot. However, this process is a two-way interaction, so cooperation and proper communication are a must.

Crack a few jokes, banter, have a few laughs, share some stories, share a meal, and have fun. This way, you’ll make it easier for the photographers to be part of this important moment in your life and vice-versa.

  1. Request for candid shots as well

Photographic authenticity comes out best during uncoached moments. Candid instances when the couple is truly caught off guard often capture the best photos, as it shows raw emotions and unfiltered interactions.

However, being vulnerable in front of a complete stranger can be quite difficult. Fortunately, you can induce this, by having someone crack a joke for an easy laugh or have a friend to talk to while in front of the camera.

An average videography service will often coach couples on how they should act for the camera, but you can also request your photographer personally to continue capturing pictures during unguarded moments for candid shots.

  1. Make use of props

Having something to hold, while being photographed, can help ease the tension for a bi. It serves to divert your attention from the photographer. So, if you want to focus on something else and reduce some of your anxiety, try suggesting to the film crew, if you could incorporate props into the shoot.


Chances are they’ll be ready to provide that, depending on the theme or celebration. The key here is to relieve your stress during the photoshoot with a physical object to interact with, whether it’s scarves, shades, or hats — the possibilities are endless.

  1. Make sure that the people, things, or pets that make you comfortable are close by

For someone who is camera shy, having something or someone around that calms you down is the best way to deal with the mental and physical stress. Getting rid of your jitters by having your close friend crack a few jokes or your pet distract you is advised.

However, these calming elements should not completely pull the shoot off course. As a couple, you can also increase your comfort by wearing an outfit that suits you both.

  1. Build good communication

The best couple videographer and photographer is someone good at communicating. By having a clear line of communication and an openness to feedback, you’ll have better chances of telling each other what you expect from the photo op.

However, to create a strong bond, both the client and film crew should participate in the communication. So, make sure to be open about what you’re feeling and your vision as a couple to decrease tension and shyness. Remember, these moments are fleeting, so make sure that they’re captured well.

  1. Have fun and be yourselves

Couple photoshoots are supposed to be fun and shared moments with your loved one. Don’t take it too seriously. Have a blast while doing it. Don’t expect each moment to be perfect because it won’t be. Just keep it loose. Be yourselves, and the video crew will do the rest in capturing those treasured moments.

  1. Practice, practice, practice

Practicing with many selfie shots can build up your confidence

Practicing your poses may seem a little extra, but doing so can greatly help make you feel more comfortable doing it in front of a camera. You can do this through the following:

    • Mirror Poses

Posing in front of a mirror can help you find your best angles and lighting. Practice your smiles and poses in front of your mirror together to make sure that you don’t fumble awkwardly when the crew has arrived.

    • Take Selfies

With your smartphone, you can practice your poses everywhere by doing selfies. The best thing about it is that no one has to see these pictures. Just go all out and explore all your poses as a couple, so when you’re in front of the camera, you can imagine how a certain pose will turn out.

  1. Distract yourself

book an appointmentFrom music, movies, and conversations, all these things can be integrated into the photoshoot to lessen your anxiety. Of course, you’ll have to request the crew if you could use them since this could disrupt the filming process or the event itself, but chances are they’ll try their best to accommodate you. So, don’t be afraid to bring these visual distractions to the shoot to calm yourselves.

The art of photography is a powerful means to capture a perfect snapshot that you can have as keepsakes. As a couple, it is important to have these moments immortalized, so you can look back on how far you’ve come and reminisce about those precious times.

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