Since its invention, photography has become a vital tool in capturing memorable events in people’s lives. Freezing and framing meaningful and emotional memories allows you to relive them any time and anywhere you want. Photos are not only snapshots of your life. It is a commemoration of a journey — but where do you start?

Couple and family photography is nothing new. Whether you want to capture the best moments together, celebrate milestones like anniversaries, or simply take photos for your holiday card, it has been a staple for any relationship. But couples and their photographers have gotten more creative and are setting the bar higher and higher. With a staggering number of couple photos already in existence, the challenge is making the session your own.

To help you with it, here is a guide for a stunning couple photoshoot:


  • Create a Mood Board

    A-mood-board-allows-you-to-decide-a-themeCouple photography needs adequate preparation and planning to get the best results that capture your personalities and tastes. Putting together a mood board is one way to set the tone and direction you want for your photos.


    • Agree on a Theme

      Determine the theme or ambience for the photoshoot. Your location, styling, and even poses will depend on these choices. It also helps your photographer set the atmosphere, design, and lighting on the day of your session.

    • Choose Your Colours

      Colours play a huge role in how your photos will turn out. While this is primarily the photographer’s job, deciding on colour can tie in the photos together and impact the ambience. For example, red can evoke intimacy, while black and white photos can show timelessness.

    • Plan Out Wardrobe and Styling

      Wardrobe and styling bring cohesion to the shoot. It also allows couples to complement each other, and even help you anticipate the props you need to bring. For instance, if you’re opting for a casual shoot, it’s preferable to wear light and airy clothes. If you are going for an edgy theme, hard leather jackets and a big bike on the side would be fitting accessories.


  • Select a Suitable Location

    The-location-can-make-your-photos-extra-special-optWhether you and your partner like to travel or would rather have your session indoors, location is everything. Selecting a great location that suits your vision is what will make your couple photos unique. There are several settings to choose from, depending on the theme you are going for. You can do it on the beach for a more laidback feel or up the mountains if you want to be adventurous.If you are the more sentimental type, you can probably trace back the following:


    • Your Favourite Spot

      Is there anywhere that you and your partner love to hang out most of the time? A bar? A café? The public library, perhaps? Choosing a spot that has significance and memories to your relationship can truly make the photos extra special.

    • On Vacation

      Going on vacation together is always exciting for any couple. Heading to a gorgeous location, like a national park or around the city, for your photos will be another memorable trip for both of you.

    • Revisit Your First Date

      Nothing brings all the “feels” back better than going back to where it all started. Revisit the place where both of you first met, a favourite spot, or where you shared your first kiss.


  • Master the Foundations of Posing


    Couples-are-at-their-best-when-theyre-in-their-natural-element-optUnless you’re a model, posing for a photo may not always be comfortable. Fortunately, there are a few simple things you can do to get it right. If you or your partner is a little camera-shy, you can ask your photographer to guide or direct you so your poses are as natural as possible. Some of the most common poses for couples include:


    • Public Display of Affection (PDA)

      If you are comfortable showing public displays of affection, it can make your photos together sweeter. PDA can take many forms – from simple hand-holding to warm kisses. Just pretend that your photographer isn’t there and treat your partner the way you would if you were out alone on a date.

    • Tight Shots

      Nothing says romance better than staying close to your partner. To make it more intimate, you can stand forehead-to-forehead or nose-to-nose. Caress your partner’s face or whisper in their ears. These quiet moments and close-up shots often have exceptional results.

    • Moving Shots

      Just because you’re asked to pose for the camera doesn’t mean you have to merely look at the lens and smile. Some of the best couple photos are candid, when the subjects are moving comfortably and naturally. There will be plenty of photos of you and your partner standing or sitting down, so plan a few pictures of you talking, hanging out, and just having the best times of your lives.

    • Casual Shots

      The photo shoot doesn’t have to be just the two of you. Couple or family photography is everything about your journey together. You can get beautiful shots with a simple group photo with your having fun with your partner, kids, and/or pets.


  • Use Props

    Get creative and have fun in your couple and family photos by using props. Props add some visual interests and charm to your pictures. It also allows those who’ll see your photos to get to know you better.Use props relating to your hobbies and interest, or something that both of you love to share. If both of you love riding the waves, include a couple of surfboards. Are you both sweet tooths? Having the photoshoot while baking together results in beautiful couple photos.


  • Have the Perfect Timing

    golden-hour-is-the-most-popular-time-for-couple-photosDepending on the time, day, or season, the weather and natural lighting can add depth to your pictures. You and your photographer must agree on the timing so you can maximize what your environment has to offer. One of the most popular times of the day is the “golden hour,” either sunset or sunrise. The soft golden glow of the sun on the horizon can add magic and wonder to an otherwise ordinary picture.However, be prepared for unexpected weather so it doesn’t rain on your parade — literally. Fortunately, torrential rain or heavy snow doesn’t necessarily ruin a shot. With the right props, you can take advantage of the inclement weather and add zest to your shoot.


  • Show Your Chemistry

    One of the foundations of a relationship is chemistry — something you need to radiate in your photoshoot. Even when you’re already celebrating your 25th anniversary, let that connection show in your photos.One thing to note is that intimacy and chemistry aren’t all about physical touch. Some of the most intimate things you can do are gazing deeply into each other’s eyes and sharing a joke.


  • Laugh and Be Playful

    Candid shots can lead to some of the best photos. Laugh together. Jump, dance around, or simply walk and talk with each other. Nothing highlights your bond better than freely exposing your true personalities and simply having fun. Talk to your photographer and have them capture those unplanned instances both of your are in your natural element.


No matter how small the milestone or simple the occasion (birthdays), every moment you have together is worth capturing through the creative use of couple photography. It allows you to preserve the precious moments you have with each other. One day, you can look back and remember the fond memories you shared. 

Celebrate your relationship in the most picture-perfect way possible by following these couple photoshoot tips. Trust Twenty5Films to turn your beautiful relationship into stunning visuals. Check our package offerings and let’s talk about how we can better tell your love story at (905) 741-3697.




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