There are moments in your life that you will only get one chance to be in. And yes, these days, capturing moments is as easy as taking your smartphone out of your pocket. Some devices these days are so good, there are legitimate photography and videography contests where entries are to be shot mainly through the use of a smartphone camera only. 

However, choosing to hire documentary photographers can mean a world of difference. The difference between you and a photographer is that they do this for a living, have a trained eye, and can deliver high-quality results. 

What Is a Documentary Photographer?

A documentary photographer takes photos that depict the truth of a true narrative. They are frequently recruited by magazines, journals, or publishing businesses to tell a certain story through photography or cinematography as a  professional.

Additionally, documentary photographers can also work with private individuals who want to document special moments in their lives.

A typical documentary photography job assignment isn’t one that can be completed quickly; the project normally requires much planning, research, and story development. This is what separates them from regular photographers. 

Why Should You Hire a Documentary Photographer?

There are things that we can do fine for ourselves. But then there are also things that we should leave to the pros. For one, you get the peace of mind that they actually know what they are doing. And two, it takes the pressure off your shoulders and you can get to enjoy your moments. 

You get to be in the moment

A professional photographer can make sure that you’re in your moments, not behind the lens

Let’s face it, if you’re usually behind the camera, unless you ask someone else to snap your picture or you try to take a selfie, you’re rarely in the photos.

When you look back on your photos years later (usually when they appear on social media as a recollection), it’s always pictures of other people having a good time. You might have been there, but once you’re gone, the next generation won’t remember because you weren’t in the pictures. Hiring someone allows you to preserve those precious moments — with you in it!

Professional photographers have the relevant training and experience

Professional documentary photographers go through rigorous training and some even go through apprenticeships under the guidance of established professionals. Their training goes beyond just taking quality photos, rather they are also skilled at taking photos of your special memories without being a nuisance during those moments.

Photographers are passionate about their work

Whenever you engage a professional documentary film crew, you can rest assured that their work is a passion for them, and it is in their best interests to give you the highest possible quality. You can put your project in their hands knowing that they will do all possible to complete it.

Photographers have the necessary professional equipment and software

Equipment will also be necessary if you want to take quality photos. No matter how good your smartphone is at taking a selfie, professional equipment will always beat it outright. Further, the efficient and effective usage of this equipment is only learned through experience.
Seasoned documentary film crews also have the necessary instruments and software to make a film. You do not need to be concerned about which program to use because they already have those tools and applications. Simply ask, and they will offer you anything you require.

What Are the Necessary Qualities That You Should Be Looking For?

Before you go out and hire the next documentary photographer you see, there are a few qualities you should be looking for in a team. These qualities will ensure that they will perform and they will deliver quality work.

Hire a Team That Has a Solid Portfolio

Before considering signing that contract, ask for the documentary photographer’s portfolio. A legitimate team will not hesitate to show you their previous works.

Additionally, a portfolio will also tell you the amount of experience the team has and the type of events they have catered to. The more diverse the types of events the company has worked on, the better they can be of service to you. Experience is key.

Aside from their portfolio, you can also do some research about their client reviews. These days, companies will have an online platform to promote their services. Chances are the client reviews and testimonials will also be there.

Consider the Costs

Although it may be enticing to go with the cheapest photographer, this typically indicates a lack of expertise and experience. Photographers offer what they’re worth and what they need to make a living.

Also, inquire about any additional costs: does the initial price include editing, printing, and other options, or do you need to pay extra? You don’t have to blow the budget to hire a good photographer, but you should be prepared to put in some money to secure the greatest possible outcome.

What Equipment and Software Do They Have?

Make sure your photographer has the equipment to perform

Expensive equipment and professional cameras worth thousands of dollars don’t always guarantee good quality service. However, without the proper tools, even the best production team’s work will be severely limited. You can always ask them for the types of equipment that they have and are planning to use during your event.

Various types of software packages for photo editing may also be beneficial. Answers that demonstrate the photographer’s expertise and comfort with general picture editing terminology are what you want to look for. Ensure sure you and the photographer are compatible or that they are prepared to learn how to utilize the new application.

You can’t get a second chance on once-in-a-lifetime events. Be in the moment and leave the documentation to Twenty5Films Cinematography. Call us at 905-741-3697 or send us an email at [email protected].

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