The importance of video in today’s corporate and online worlds has been stressed repeatedly. But which videos will bring your company closer to its target audience? The obvious choice is a piece that conveys a narrative. A documentary-style video can tell the story of your company and the community around it. A compelling narrative and great visuals can charm people into buying your product. Here’s how.

Why Invest in Documentary Videography?

  • Authenticity

Documentary videos are effective because they give viewers an honest glimpse into a company’s background, processes, and wares. Content like this is typically seen as more authentic and trustworthy than standard advertising since it appears less staged and more spontaneous.

  • Storytelling

Brands may express their story in a more compelling manner when using documentary-style videos. Brands may strengthen their relationships with their customers by giving them an inside peek at the company’s inner workings, history, and goals.

  • Emotional Connection

Documentary videography can be quite moving and leave a long-lasting effect. They provide a platform for companies to share their ethos in a way that connects with their customers.

  • Increased Engagement

In comparison to other video genres, documentary-style videos typically receive more views and comments. They give an audience a deeper dive into the brand’s backstory, which might encourage them to share the material and spark discussions online.

  • Increased Reach‍

Brands may expand their reach and attract new customers by creating content that is both interesting and informative, even if those customers were not previously interested in the products or services the company offers.

Where Can You Use Documentary Videography?


  • Company culture video

Brand videos will give viewers an inside look at the company’s mission, culture, and staff. Human resources can use the video to advertise open positions, while marketing departments can utilize it to expand their customer base.

  • Milestone video

This video is used to celebrate a significant achievement. Such milestones such as 50 years in business or increased sales and earnings for stockholders are worthy of celebration. It builds credibility by highlighting the company’s track record of achievement or the illustrious lineage of its founders. Storytelling, original footage and images from the company’s archives, and contributions from important personnel are all hallmarks of high-quality milestone videos.

  • Launch video

The brand’s story is told here, along with a summary of the company’s fundamental beliefs and products. Typically, launch videos are shot in HD and then edited down to 30 seconds. The 30-second clip would then be shared on social media to direct viewers to the official launch website.

  • Case study/Testimonial video

Partners or customers will talk about their experiences with the company in these brand videos. These brand videos may focus on the specifics of how the brand met the industry’s technical requirements.

  • Product Video

A product video is a video that explains a certain good or service. The film may then go into more detail, showing the viewer how to utilize the product and highlighting its advantages. Popular in the cosmetics industry, these kinds of branded videos work well with visible products.

What You Should Know Before Getting Documentary Videography

A documentary-style video can showcase your company or products

Before your next video shoot, be sure you’ve answered these crucial questions:

  • What’s the purpose of the video?

Businesses frequently contact us with the request to “make a video for their website.” Creating a video to feature on your website is a must. Videos are the most effective medium for rapidly disseminating large amounts of data. An online video is an expense, not a must. This approach to video production not only results in a confusing message but also makes measuring success very difficult.

  • Who is your target audience?

Many businesses become preoccupied with their own identity and mission. Even if they are extremely important, they must be conveyed in a way that is understood by the target audience.

Focus on your target audience by thinking about who you want to see your video. The video’s messaging, graphics, aesthetics, editing, and even music selection will all fall into place once you’ve answered the “who” question.

  • What are your 3 key messages?

Do your homework and have an idea of what you want to say before shooting the video interviews so you can ask the proper questions. To cover all of their bases in one video, many businesses end up covering nothing of value. Determine the most crucial elements of your message; those that must be conveyed for the information to reach its intended recipients.

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We recommend narrowing your video’s focus to 3 main points to prevent overwhelming your audience. Make sure they are easy to understand, short, and motivating. Then, record your answers to these questions and use them to guide your approach to the interview as a whole.

  • What emotion are you trying to evoke?

Think about the feeling you want your audience to have. The video’s creator and the message it portrays are responsible for inspiring feelings in the audience. What do you hope the people who saw your film online, via an email campaign, or at an event will do next? The messaging, visuals, and tone must all work together to evoke the desired emotional response, whether that’s to make the reader feel sad and want to get a box of tissues or excited enough to click the “buy now” button.

  • What specific visuals should be captured?

When planning a video shoot, it’s crucial to think ahead about any major events, scenarios, or persons who will need to be scheduled to get the best possible footage. If your factory is very productive in the weeks leading up to the holidays, then would be a great opportunity to film a promotional video showcasing your whole range of services.

While there is no one right answer to the video production questions, they should help you outline the aesthetic and goals of your video.

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