Photography is an incredibly diverse art form that encompasses a wide range of styles and subjects. Endless possibilities exist, from meticulously controlled studio images to candid shots in the midst of nature.

One crucial decision that can greatly impact the success of your portraits is choosing between indoor or outdoor venues. By understanding the advantages and disadvantages of shooting in each setting, you can make an informed choice that aligns with your vision and desired outcome.

Indoor Venue

Any indoor place can be considered an indoor setting

The most common example of this type of venue would be a photo studio. However, any indoor area or space, such as a bedroom, storage room, coffee shop, or museum, can be considered an “indoor” setting. Indoor photography offers a range of advantages and disadvantages for photographers and subjects alike.


  • Weatherproof – Weather can be highly unpredictable, and sudden changes from hot temperatures to rain or storms can quickly spoil an outdoor photoshoot. This is particularly true if you live in an area that experiences cold falls or winters, which can bring brisk winds and icy rain. Indoor venues will save you from the unpredictability of nature.
  • Artificial Studio lights – When you book a studio for your photography session or invite photographers into your home, you gain the advantage of easily customizable artificial lighting. Unlike outdoor shoots, where you are at the mercy of natural light and weather conditions, indoor photography gives you full control over the lighting setup.
  • Convenience – There are a variety of indoor private and public places you can use as your setting, from the confines of your own home to a public building like a church, making it a convenient option for photoshoots. However, none of these may be as well-equipped as photography studios. They have various amenities and tools that can contribute to a relaxed and enjoyable shoot.
  • Privacy – Unlike outdoor locations where people may disrupt your shoot, indoor areas allow you complete control over who accompanies you during the session. This means you can choose the individuals who will be present, ensuring a comfortable and distraction-free environment. Note, however, that this does not apply to popular public venues.


  • Limited Time – Time becomes valuable when shooting in a studio, room, or rented space, especially if you’re paying to use said space by the hour. You are constrained by a specific schedule, leaving no room for a leisurely session.
  • Location Restrictions or Rules – Indoor venues often have specific restrictions and rules that must be followed. When working in indoor venues, it’s crucial to be aware of any regulations or guidelines set forth by the management. These rules may cover noise levels, equipment usage, set design limitations, or even restrictions on certain activities or props.

Outdoor Venue

You can get creative with the background when shooting outdoors.

Many people are drawn to outdoor settings because of their incredible opportunities. The overall effect of the great outdoors is a crucial factor that drives their enthusiasm.


  • Several Background Options and Open Space – With the vast array of natural elements and urban landscapes, you have a wealth of resources to craft visually stunning and compelling portraits. Open yourself up to a world of endless possibilities, allowing you to capture distinct and captivating moments. Outdoor settings also serve as a tool for conveying information and telling stories. Each location has its unique character and charm, which can be harnessed to enhance the narrative of your photographs.

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  • Natural Lighting – When capturing images in an outdoor setting, you won’t have to worry about low lighting conditions since plenty of sunlight is available. Ample sunlight brings a unique and captivating quality to your outdoor photographs. The light and shadow create visually appealing and dynamic compositions, adding depth and dimension to your images. This can result in more engaging and memorable photographs.
  • Breathtaking Natural Scenery – Nature provides abundant captivating settings, allowing photographers to select the perfect backdrop to complement their subjects. You can explore the richness of the natural world, with vibrant green grasses and majestic brown mountains providing a striking contrast. The expansive blue sky also serves as a versatile and captivating background option, offering endless opportunities for experimentation.
  • Seasonal features – Trying to capture and recreate that same sense of warmth and radiance within the confines of a studio environment can be quite challenging. Translating this dynamic experience into a studio setting requires careful attention to detail. Photographers and artists must consider the interplay between light and shadow, the intensity and direction of sunlight, and how colours interact and change throughout the day.


  • Unpredictable Weather – Dealing with the weather can pose challenges as it is often unpredictable. One moment, you may be enjoying a dry and sunny day, and the next, you could find yourself scrambling for cover as a heavy downpour takes you by surprise.
  • Inconvenient Amenities – The lack of basic facilities such as toilets and washrooms can make the process less comfortable and convenient for the cast and crew. Individuals may have difficulty relieving themselves or maintaining personal hygiene during the shoot without these amenities. Also, outdoor locations often lack access to electricity, which can hinder the operation of essential equipment and disrupt the session.
  • Less Privacy and Security – Public locations can present difficulties in maintaining privacy. These places are usually bustling with people, making achieving a specific effect or theme challenging without unwanted bystanders in the frame. To mitigate this, consider scouting the location beforehand to assess privacy concerns. Look for areas less frequented by the general public or explore alternative shooting options such as private studios or controlled environments.

book an appointmentWhether you opt for the controlled environment of an indoor venue or the dynamic and diverse elements of the great outdoors, incorporating these practical tips into your photography session can elevate your images and contribute to a successful and fulfilling photography experience.

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