Wedding videography is a vital element for weddings. It offers couples a way to preserve and relive their special day in all its glamour. However, wedding videography is not as simple as keeping the camera rolling from start to finish. A well-crafted wedding video must be able to capture the raw emotions and the fleeting moments that make the occasion special and memorable.

To ensure you get the best out of your wedding videography experience, we have compiled a comprehensive list of dos and don’ts.

Wedding Videography Is Not a Want But a Need

While some may view it as an extravagance, a wedding video is a great way for couples to relive their special day. Here’s why you need to hire a professional videographer:

  • See Moments You Might Have Missed

Weddings can be hectic and you may miss a few things while you’re going through the motions. It’s your videographer’s job to get it all on camera—from your guests’ emotional reactions during your vows to the endearing and funny antics of your wedding party.

  • Share Your Day

A video will allow you to show your wedding memories with family and friends who couldn’t attend the event. You can even get a short version with event highlights, which you can share on social media.

  • Have a Seriously Unplugged Ceremony

With a skilled videographer in tow, you and your guests can relish every precious moment without the distraction of phones. These professionals know where to position themselves to capture those picture-perfect shots, ensuring your visuals remain flawless throughout the day. You can encourage your guests to unplug and trust your videographers to capture the best moments while they fully immerse themselves in the activities.

  • Camera Shy Couples Don’t Need to Pose

While photographers can make you feel comfortable during portrait sessions, having a wedding video removes the stress of posing altogether during the event. You can simply be yourself with a videographer and let the magic unfold without worries.

Do’s of Wedding Videography

 Videographers must capture every detail of the wedding

These “do’s” of wedding videography can elevate the art and craft of storytelling and make your special day unforgettable.

  • Do hire a professional

Documenting your special day with a professional videographer ensures you only get high-quality videos. Experts who make a living from videography should:

    • Have good video quality
    • Have the right equipment
    • Decent pricing without compromising video quality
    • Experienced in different composition techniques and lighting in different scenarios
    • Positive reviews and feedback from previous customers
    • Accept edit requests
  • Do establish a plan with your videographer

Properly discuss the wedding dates, the video styles, or themes you are interested in, and the moments you want to be captured. Research video styles before suggesting them so you know they suit your wedding theme.

  • Do make a list of moments you want on film

While videographers already know which notable moments to capture, making a separate list of what you want to be filmed will help. This lets them know what’s important to you.

  • Do be natural and genuine

Genuine, unscripted moments are a treasure. Tell your guests to act natural and pretend there are no cameras.

  • Do use good audio and lighting

Ensure your videographer has high-quality audio equipment and microphones. A video isn’t complete without great audio, after all. Different lighting will affect the ambiance and mood of the video, so make sure they are properly utilizing the lighting effects.

Don’ts of Wedding Videography

Focus on the couple’s special day

Know what to avoid to create a wedding video that truly stands out.

  • Don’t ask a friend or relative to video your vows on their phones

It is not fair to expect them to take videos instead of enjoying the occasion with you. Videographers can easily integrate your vows or capture every moment of the dance in the final video. Given that they are professionals, rest assured that you will only have high-quality videos.

  • Don’t hire videographers without a background check

Check their previous works first and assess client reviews and feedback. This assessment will give you a better grasp of whether the person has the right skill and experience and whether or not they are of good character.

  • Don’t think that it is too expensive

Videographers can be flexible with their client’s budgets and will try to produce pleasing results which fit the agreed budget. Drone footage or cinematic editing will be pricier, so properly discuss what you are getting for your budget or just opt for the a la carte choices.

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  • Don’t micromanage

Talk to your videographer about what shots you want in advance, but do not tell them how to take the picture in every shot. Videography is an art, and the one holding the camera is the artist, so trust them and their creativity to make masterpieces.

  • Don’t forget the little yet significant things

Ensure that the little details have some spotlight in the video, like your wedding rings or accessories. The tiniest details could be of utmost significance, so don’t ignore them.

  • Don’t rush it

Take your time, for it will allow you to be in the moment and let your videographer capture all the meaningful memories during your wedding.

  • Don’t overlook your guests

The main focus of the video is, of course, the couple. However, you should remind your videographer to also film your guests. Their presence has enough significance for you to have invited them. Allow your videographers to give them the right amount of screen time to make the video extra special.

  • Don’t exaggerate special effects

Make your video look classy and fancy by keeping it simple. Some effects can undoubtedly enhance the quality of the video but don’t overdo it.

  • Don’t presume you will not watch the video

book an appointmentWedding videos are sentimental and passionate; they will let you relive the moments and people who witnessed your special day. Whether it be during your date night or anniversary, you have the wedding video to rewatch at your disposal.

With a perfect mix of skills, ingenuity, and some planning, you can have a high-quality wedding video by following the aforementioned dos and don’ts. With these tips in mind and advice from professionals, you can rest assured that your special day will be immortalized.

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