A wedding is one of the most treasured events in a person’s life. It takes no small amount of planning and preparation. With all the time and effort you’ve spent to prepare for your big day, we understand the significance of capturing the highlights of the day — this is where wedding videography comes in.

Wedding videography allows brides and grooms to preserve this once-in-a-lifetime event, allowing you and your loved ones to look back and relive the experience. Videography has long been considered a must-have for wedding planning


Why Hiring Professional Wedding Videography Is Worth the Investment?

Wedding planning involves meticulous attention to various details. The flowers must be resplendent and fresh, the food must be diverse enough to accommodate various tastes, and the venue must both be spacious and picturesque. 

Because of the many items on the list, some couples may end up overlooking wedding photography and videography. If not overlooked, these are usually included as an afterthought. However, this may not turn out for the best. When the day is over, and all has been said and done, one of the few things you and your guests can take home with you are the photos and videos. 

This is why capturing your wedding day on camera is essential — but not just any camera would do. Here are 5 reasons why getting the best wedding videographer possible is worth every cent: 


  • Catch Every Detail
    Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event, it’s essential that the most significant moments in the day be frozen in time. Every moment counts, and a professional videographer understands this.An experienced and skilled videographer can capture the smallest details — be it the fabric of the bride’s gown, her jewellery, or even the dewdrops on the flowers of her bouquet. They can also record the way the groom looks at the bride as she walks down the aisle or a parent discretely shedding a tear. Such details when woven into the overall documentation of the entire event can deepen the story and add more meaning to different scenes.
  • See Happenings You Might Have Missed
    98% of brides mention that not hiring a wedding videographer was one of their biggest regrets

    While it can take months (or even years of planning), the celebration itself typically lasts only hours. It will be over before you know it. As the focus of the event, the bride and groom may not be able to mingle with their guests as much, which means you may miss moments between your loved ones.There may also be certain details that a photograph can’t completely capture — like the quiver in your partner’s voice as they read their vows, your first kiss as husband and wife, your first dance, and the clinking of glasses as your guests make their toasts. These can only be sufficiently captured through videography. |

  • Seize Raw Moments
    Wedding days are packed, from preparation to reception. It is inevitable for unexpected, hilarious, and emotional moments to happen. Your partner may adlib a joke during their vows, making your guests burst into peals of laughter. A friend may drop an embarrassing yet entertaining fact about you or your partner. You may even have an uncle showing off his crazy dance moves at the reception — and it would be a total shame not to capture that.Trust your videographer to capture these priceless moments as they happen. Consider your wedding video as a time capsule that can bring back all the emotions you felt that day. It would only be possible if you get to capture those endearing moments at the exact time.
  • Share Your Memories
    While it may be disappointing, there are times when some of those you’ve invited will not be able to attend the day itself. For whatever reason — whether illness, distance, or age — their absence can put a damper on your spirits and theirs.Fortunately, wedding photography and videography can provide that much-needed curation of memories. It makes it easier for you to share the events of your wedding even with those who can’t make it. Wedding videos are the next best thing to being there with you; they will be able to see the same sights and experience the same emotions, something they might not be able to do with photos. It is convenient too. Videographers can post your wedding films on online platforms, like Youtube or Vimeo, for easy sharing, and they can also make shorter clips for others who may want to take a peek.
  • Create a Family Heirloom
    At the end of the day, wedding films are for you and your family to enjoy. It is something that you can show your kids or nieces and nephews. It will allow them to connect with you in a more intimate way compared to wedding photos. You can also view this during anniversaries to remind you of your vows and of that precious instant that you became husband and wife.Hiring a videographer to document your wedding is an invaluable gift you can give to your future self and to your loved ones.

All these and more are the reasons why it is essential to set aside a budget for wedding videography. Professional videographers don’t only have the equipment and skill with the camera, they also make it less stressful for you and your guests. Their presence ensures that your loved ones can live in the moment and enjoy the day instead of spending their time looking through their screens.

Twenty5 Films specialize in capturing these moments for you. From preparation to reception and after, we are with you every step of the way, capturing each journey. If you are looking for a wedding videographer in Ontario and are interested in our packages, give us a call at (905) 741-3697 or email at [email protected]. Let us immortalize your wedding with a beautifully crafted video!

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