The best couple photos are pictures that can capture the chemistry of two individuals — their love for each other turned into stunning visuals that last. Whether it’s a date, an anniversary, or vacation, these couple photos allow you to look back at the precious memories you’ve celebrated together.

While the main idea of couple photography is centred on photos of you and your partner together, you can elevate them by setting your photo op session against scenic backdrops.

If you are considering a romantic couple photoshoot, consider these 10 locations:

  1. Nature Park


    For couples who love adventures and the great outdoors, doing your photoshoot surrounded by nature would be a perfect choice. You can follow nature trails or visit a national park. In case travelling to mountains, canyons, or waterfalls won’t fit your budget or schedule, taking the shoot to a city park, botanical garden or greenhouse can still resemble the experience.

  2. Private Mansion or Castle

    Old mansions and castles are surrounded by history and mystique, adding a delightful twist to an already creative couple photography idea. These types of places make for an extravagant photography session. The perfect representations of luxury, these estates give you the chance to both dress and feel like royalty.Fortunately, the Greater Toronto Area is dotted with numerous mansions that are open for both events and film and photoshoots as well.

  3. The Beach

    Another frame-worthy location to set your couple photography in is the beach. The sand in your toes and the sound of the crashing waves can be exhilarating and makes for an action-packed photoshoot. The beach is also one of the best places if you want to maximize the beauty of the golden hour. The view of the sun setting or rising is almost always unimpeded across the vast horizon.Just make sure to pick a weekday rather than a weekend or holiday to avoid the crowds and enjoy the place to yourselves.

  4. Urban Jungle

    Urban-rooftops-are-popular-spots-for-the-younger-generationTaking your photos all around the city is edgy and modern, and is an increasingly popular idea for younger generations. Every city has its own aesthetic and vibe. You can take advantage of these to put more flavour to your couple’s photos. Roam the streets, pose in front of art murals, or opt for a rooftop with the city skyline in the background. The best thing about this is that you don’t have to go too far or spend too much.

  5. Sports Stadiums

    Are you both supporting the same team? Did you first meet during a live game? Or are you both athletes? If any of the answers are yes, you may want to consider having your session inside a sports stadium.It may not always be the first to come to mind when thinking about romantic venues, but that’s what makes it all the more special. Because it isn’t the most popular choice, your photos will be one of a kind. Also, any sentimental reason or story tied to the venue can highlight your chemistry and make you feel more comfortable during the shoot.

  6. In the Snow
    Are you avid snowboarders and skiers? Why not hit the slopes and take your couple photos at the same time? The results will be dynamic and thrilling. Even if you don’t want to get your gears on, snow-capped destinations are still magical places to take your photos. During winter, the sun is lower in the sky and produces beautiful and dramatic lighting. It is also great to wear bright and bold colours to make yourselves stand out against the white and grey scenery.
  7. Bridge

    Cross-that-bridge-when-you-get-thereBridges may not even be part of your options, but there are good reasons why they should be. First, they are architectural marvels, which makes them good backgrounds. Some bridges are designed in a way to be art installations themselves with towering spires and gleaming lights. Second, they are special and some even steeped with urban legends, such as “love locks.”Toronto is home to over 300 bridges, and there are definitely bridges that can capture the romance between the two of you.

  8. Place of Work

    Many couples meet at work. If you want to showcase what you do for a living or tell the story of how you first met, consider having your couple photography shoot at work (with your supervisors’ permission, of course). It is also a great way to tell your story in such a personal and unique setting.

  9. School

    Similarly, if your story begins at school, it’s a great idea to seek all spots on campus where special memories were shared. It is also an ideal place to get creative. For example, take your photos in your old uniforms (if you had any and they still fit), recreate your classroom set-up, or work your way through the library shelves.

  10. At Home

    Home is where you can be more natural and intimateJust because you’ve set your shoot at home doesn’t mean it cannot be romantic. In fact, it can be more authentic and intimate. Scheduling your session in your private residence also has its perks. You can use a variety of props, including your pet or kids, and have several outfit changes. Most importantly, you are in your natural element and help you feel more confident.


How to Choose the Perfect Spot

Location should reflect what you love doing together

Trimming down the list of places to set your photo session can be a daunting task as everyone may have a sentimental value. Here are a few ways to ultimately decided on a location:

  • Remember Where You First Met

    Do you want to relive some of your earliest memories as a couple? Choosing the place where you first met is a great start. Who knows? It may even rekindle that first explosive spark.

  • Consider Your Hometown

    If your hometown has a special place in your heart, take this opportunity to reacquaint yourself with it. Especially if you live in a scenic area, your hometown would be a perfect spot to shoot those romantic pictures.

  • Choose a Place You Both Visit Often

    Name that place that you love to revisit time and time again, and take your photos there. This location is a witness to a collection of memories. If you’re worried that it might not be fancy enough, talk to your photographer. They will know how to capture it in the best and most stunning light.

  • Find the Place That Reflects Your Interests and Personalities

    Whether you love nature, relish the big city, prefer some quiet time, or want to go on adventures, the location must reflect that.

  • Consider the Time of Day and the Season

    In photography, lighting is everything, so be sure that you consider the time of day or season. One of the most popular seasons for any event is autumn. The weather and climate are fair, and the changing colour of the leaves adds to the wonder of the place.

  • Make Sure the Location Fits Your Plans

    This is especially important if you have special requirements or are considering using props. For example, if you’re bringing your dog to the shoot, select a pet-friendly place.

  • Pick Somewhere New but Picturesque

    Ultimately, there is no one rule on which locations should be used for the photoshoot. If you love the location and it works for your needs, then go for it. The location will become meaningful to you after your session and will be a new place for you and your partner to remember.

Couple photography allows you to reminisce the journey you’ve shared and renew the passion and love in your relationship. There is no reason not to have a romantic photoshoot.

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