The digital world is rife with content, from news and articles to videos, infographics, and pictures. Using these mediums, each company aims to stand out amidst the billions of posts published every day, continuously churning out innovative materials to make them more memorable and engaging to consumers.

If you want to impress your target market, you have to stimulate as many senses as possible in a single interaction.

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In the virtual world, this is best done through videos. Engaging sensory, auditory, and cognitive functions, this multimedia format will make your products and brand more recognizable on various online platforms.

However, not every type of video will work on different channels. Some may work better than others or not at all, which is why you need to learn about the basic types of videos. Here’s a quick list of the various video types that you can use to improve business branding:

1. Spot

Considered the most common television brand commercial, a spot is short-form content that can promote a product or brand in 15 to 30 seconds.

This type of advertisement is usually shown between TV programs or in YouTube videos. A spot video can vary widely in terms of content and motivation. It can be used to promote a product or announce discounts, all-out sales, and more.

The great thing about this format is its ability to keep the viewer’s attention within those 15 seconds. However, you also have to make sure that every second counts. It has to be concise, engaging, and proactive all at the same time.

2. Short Film

People connect with stories. For a brand advertisement to be memorable, it should not simply spout out facts about the company and its achievements. It has to convey a message, reflect your values, and resonate with the viewer.

The best way to do this is through a short film. A short film features the main character, plot, motivations, and conflict that are relatable. It can range from 2 to 15 minutes, depending on the arc of the story. The plot needs to be interwoven with your company’s message but also has to be simple enough so the audience can follow it smoothly.

Releasing a short film also allows your company to build a PR event around it. You can organize a viewing across various platforms.

3. Mini-Documentary

Mini-documentaries may be of the same length as short films, but the content is more or less exclusively based on facts. It generally revolves around business operations, daily employee interactions, and customer transactions.

Experts in documentary photography and videography can help you create something memorable.

4. Explainer

Used by companies to elaborate on certain products and services, this video format usually comes with a voiceover that explains the content of the video.

This is especially useful for brands that are promoting a new service or product since it can serve as a guide for customers. It provides educational content giving viewers information on the product or service and what to expect from them. This can be done through animation, time-lapses, or live recordings.

5. Web Series

A combination of a short film and spot video, a promotional web series is a short film broken down into shorter spot-length clips.

It can be about workplace shenanigans, information on a package or product, or the adventures of your brand mascot.

The goal of this video format is to provide light, fun, and unique entertainment while activating brand recall.

6. Product Demo

Similar to an explainer video, a product demo is half educational and promotional multimedia content that informs customers how your products work while highlighting their best qualities.

This is especially useful for newly released products that may be unfamiliar to consumers. The video can also be animated or explained by a charming and passionate host. It can also feature a review or testimony from a satisfied customer.

7. Short Employee Videos

Ad spots are meant to show the best of your brand in just 30 seconds

A brand that genuinely cares for its customers and employees is more likely to connect with its audience. You can do it best with a short employee video that highlights the people working behind the brand.

This way, you’re showing consumers the care and effort that you put into both their products and your staff, which promotes a positive reflection of your company values.

8. Company Culture

The goal of a company culture video is not to sell a product or service; rather, it’s to highlight your company’s ethics, values, and virtues.

Doing so can help you connect better with audiences, allowing them to better resonate with your brand. This type of video is also useful for encouraging new employees to apply for your company.

9. Testimonials

Nothing beats a customer’s approval when it comes to reviewing the standard of a product. Having a total stranger validate and praise the value of your product or service is just as powerful as a well-funded promotional ad campaign.

As other consumers will be more likely to trust someone in their fold, having a testimonial video is an excellent way to promote your product without tooting your own horn.

10. BTS

Behind-the-scene shoots will always capture the audience's curiosity

Behind-the-scene shoots will always capture the audience’s curiosity

Behind-the-scenes (BTS) footage allows you to present your brand with authenticity. It can reveal a side of your company that’s not usually accessible. It gives an in-depth look at your business operations, and it helps foster trust among consumers. If you’re unfamiliar with how to produce this type of content, you should hire experts in videography services for help.

The branding video that best engages netizens is those that evoke emotions. Whether it is humour, compassion, empathy, anger, and more. For your video to truly stand out and become memorable, it has to convey a message and engage with the viewer.

Additionally, a high-quality video will always trump a low-quality one. To achieve high-quality videos, you must invest in hiring professional artists. Twenty5Films offers documentary/branding video production and various photography services. Call us now at (905) 741-3697 so we can start on your promotional brand video right away.

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